Design Services
Whether you need your project to be presented in report form, a policy briefan infographic or something else I will work with you to get it looking polished and professional, in a format perfect for your target audience.  
Working to your deadlines
Projects don’t always follow the timeline and as layout design is usually the last thing to happen before a report is published, there is often limited time to get it done. I can work to your timeline. As a freelance designer I can easily work out of hours to help get a project over the line.
Respecting the design guidelines or creating a new look
An organisation’s identity is a crucial part of presenting a consistent image and communicating brand values. If you are using design guidelines, I will follow them to the letter and produce work to your exact specifications. If required I can bring a fresh feel to a project and still work within the guidelines and where needed I can create a completely new look when no design guidelines are being used.   
Excellent availability for urgent last minute changes
I’m pretty sure I’ve never worked on a layout that hasn’t needed at least one last minute urgent change. It’s how it goes with large amounts of text. I will always do my utmost to make myself available to quickly implement any last minute amends so you can publish the best version of your report.
Finding or creating the right image, infographic or illustration
Many projects require graphic elements in the form of image, infographics and illustration. When graphics aren't supplied as part of the project I am able to create or supply suitable solutions all of the above, licensed for use in your project.
Printing and fulfilment
I can provide a quote for printing and/or fulfilment from a trusted partner and arrange shipping to the most convenient location.