Hi, I'm Rachael and this is my story
Over the last few years I've made the move to work exclusively with charities and non-profit organisations. The decision to do this was based around a need to do something more meaningful with the skills I have to offer. 
Working with organisations which have a strong sense of community, equality, sustainability and social conscience not only means I can continue creating but also means that I can be part of a drive to make the world a better place.
I studied Design Communication at The Sheffield College before moving to live in the city of Valencia on the southeast coast of Spain. Initially I worked in the community as an English teacher, then later as an in-house designer at a small translation agency where I worked mainly on the layout of long documents. On moving back to the UK I completed a graphic design degree at Sheffield Hallam University and I've been freelancing ever since. 
Alongside other projects, once a week I do work for Saffron Sheffield a wonderful charity which offers counselling and psychotherapy services to women who have experienced trauma or abuse.
In my free time I can usually be found doing something creative with my 6-year-old, making, baking or brewing up something new (with varying degrees of success!), pottering in my vegetable garden or taking a walk in the Peak District.